My name is Joshua Lavon King, Sr. and I am running for Prince William County Sheriff in 2023. With more than 20 years of law enforcement experience, I know firsthand the challenges and opportunities within our law enforcement system. Together, we will train a new generation of Deputy Sheriffs that will keep us safe and tackle issues such as reducing recidivism, ending the school to prison pipeline and enhancing safety at the Judicial Center. 

In 2019, our campaign received over 55,000 votes out of 110,000 casted, which was <1% or 762 votes short of victory. In order to secure our win in 2023, I need everyone who voted to bring a friend to vote, donate and volunteer. I know that we will pull together to get across the finish line if we start now! 

Together, we can ensure Prince William County has a Sheriff with our community’s best interest at heart. 

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